NeAT - random-graph

Generate random graphs either from an existing graph or from scratch according to different randomization procedures.
This program was developed by Sylvain Brohée and Jacques van Helden.
   Input format   

   Output format 


Upload graph from file :

Column specification (only relevant for tab-delimited input)
Source node
Target node
Weight or label column

 Directed graph
Randomization type  number of nodes number of edges (node and edge numbers must be provided only for randomization type 'from scratch')
 Normal distribution of weights Mean Standard deviation (mean and standard deviation may be provided only for randomization types 'ER' and for 'from scratch')

 Allow duplicated edges
 Allow self loops
 Source and target nodes stay source and target nodes in the randomized graph (only for ER randomization type)
 Prevent the graph from containing nodes with no neighbour (only for ER randomization type)