NeAT - display-graph

Generate a figure for a graph
This program was developed by Sylvain Brohée and Jacques van Helden.
Warning! The layout and display facilities supported on the Web site are restricted.
Several specialized programs exists for visualizing networks in a dynamical way, and with a large diversity of layout options.
The GML files exported by the NeAT tools can be imported in Cytoscape or yED.
For a flexible manipulation of the graphs, we recommend to use these program.

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Comment on the demonstration example

This demonstration graph consists in the set of clusters extracted by the MCL clustering algorithm from a subset of the STRING database (database evidence channel) with inflation 1.8. It consists in 9991 interactions between 1231 proteins. Each edge color corresponds to a different cluster returned by the MCL algorithm. As the graph is weighted the width of the edges will be proportional to the weight.

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Source node
Target node
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 Edge width proportional to weight