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Welcome to Network Analysis Tools (NeAT). This web site provides a series of modular computer programs specifically designed for the analysis of biological networks.


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Recent publications

  1. Book: Jacques van Helden, Ariane Toussaint and Denis Thieffry (2012). Bacterial Molecular Networks. Volume in the series Methods in Molecular Biology 804 (28 chapters). [Publisher's site]
  2. van Helden, J., Toussaint, A. and Thieffry, D. (2012). Bacterial molecular networks: bridging the gap between functional genomics and dynamical modelling. Methods Mol Biol 804, 1-11. [PMID 22144145]
  3. Lima-Mendez, G. (2012). Reticulate Classification of Mosaic Microbial Genomes Using NeAT Website. Methods Mol Biol 804, 81-91. [PMID 22144149]
  4. Faust, K. and van Helden, J. (2012). Predicting Metabolic Pathways by Sub-network Extraction. Methods Mol Biol 804, 107-30. [PMID 22144151]
  5. Brohée, S. (2012). Using the NeAT Toolbox to Compare Networks to Networks, Clusters to Clusters, and Network to Clusters. Methods Mol Biol 804, 327-42. [PMID 22144162]
  6. Faust, K., Croes, D. and van Helden, J. (2011). Prediction of metabolic pathways from genome-scale metabolic networks. Biosystems 105, 109-21. [PMID 21645586] [doi:10.1016/j.biosystems.2011.05.004]
  7. Faust, K., Dupont, P., Callut, J. and van Helden, J. (2010). Pathway discovery in metabolic networks by subgraph extraction. Bioinformatics 26:1211-8. [Pubmed 20228128]
  8. ... other publications

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