RSAT - Web Services Clients



Examples clients working with SOAP::WSDL 2.00 (or above), and with SOAP::WDL 1.27 (or below) are provided in the compressed archive. For SOAP::WSDL 2.00 (or above) users, we provide the client stub (RSATWS directory).


The example clients are provided along with the client stub (RSATWS.jar).


The example clients make use of the SOAPpy library.

DOWNLOAD ARCHIVE containing examples of Web Services clients written in perl, java and pythons


2009/03/18 To avoid time out problems, two new Web Services were added: monitor and get_result. If you use the value "ticket" as "output" parameter for most Web Services, you will receive a job ID. This job ID can then be used to monitor the status of the running job. When it is "Done", use get_result to... well... get the results. Please update your libraries to benefit from these improvements.
2008/07/08 More options were added to the matrix-scan (RSAT) Web Services. Please update your libraries to benefit from these improvements.
2008/07/04 Infer_operon (RSAT) and draw_heatmap (NeAT) were added to the Web Services. Please update your libraries to use these tools.
2008/06/03 The perl RSATWS library required to work with SOAP::WSDL 2.00 (or above) is now part of the downloadable RSATWS_clients.tar.gz archive.
2008/05/22 New example Perl client using SOAP::WSDL 2.0 (and above) available. For that client to work, you also need to download and unzip the provided library.
2008/05/19 If you are using a recent version of SOAP::WSDL (2.0 and above) for your perl clients, you can not work with the currently provided clients (archive). These clients are still compatible with the older versions of SOAP::WSDL. Example clients for the new versions will be available to download soon.
2008/02/22 Programs with lth and uth parameters (e.g. oligo_analysis, matrix_scan...) now support multiple thresholds.

Example: 'lth' in oligo_analysis can take values 'occ_sig 1' and 'occ 1'.

Use an array instead of a string for lth and uth in your clients. Example clients to download have been updated accordingly.