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  1. Prerequisite
  2. Introduction
  3. Example of utilization
  4. Interpreting the result
  5. Additional exercises



Example of utilization

Interpreting the results

Additional exercises

  1. In order to check the rate of false positive of a program, you need to repeat the random control several times, and see how often a motif is selected by chance when there is supposedly no co-regulation.

    • Repeat the test a few times.
    • At each trial, take note of the top scoring motif, and of the score associated to it.
    • Analyze the results of the successive trials, and check if the behaviour more or less corresponds to the theoretical expectation.

  2. Perform the same test as above, with human genes. How does it compare with the yeast, in terms of false positives ?

  3. You can also use the upstream sequences of random gene selections to test other motif discovery programs available on the web (see the link page).

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