Network Analysis Tools - Help about graph-topology




Column specifications (only for tab-delimited format)

Return fields

Statistics that the program must compute. (Following definitions are adapted from wikipedia). Calculating the betweenness and closeness centralities of all the vertices in a graph involves calculating the shortest paths between all pairs of vertices on a graph. To this, graph-topology uses the Floyd-Warschall algorithm (running in C).

Directed graph

Specifies whether the graph is directed or not (i.e. edge A-B corresponds to edge B-A). In this case, the betweenness and the closeness calculation will be rather different (as their are less possible paths in directed graphs).
Moreover, the out- and in-degree will be computed in directed graphs.


The list of nodes for which the degree is seeked.
The nodes can be submitted as a file containing one node name per line or directly in the input form. In the node file, the first word of each row must specify one node label and the rest of the row is ignored.
If no node is submitted, then degree of all nodes will be computed (even if the option 'List of nodes' is selected). Using this option, the degree distribution of the nodes will not be computed.