RSA-tools - Distribution of the stand-alone programs

The Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools (RSAT) and Network Analysis Tools (NeAT) can be used as stand-alone application on Unix-based systems (including Linux, Mac OSX, SPARC Solaris, Alpha Dec, ...).

The stand-alone version is freely available for academic users, with some restrictions on utilization (non-commercial, non-military and non-redistribution).

In order to obtain the current distribution, download the license document, read it carefully, and send the signed version at the addressed specified in the document.

The installation and user guides are part of the distribution, but we also provide them here for information.

File Description
Download Download form
RSAT_install_guide.pdf Guide for the installation of the stand-alone RSAT and NeAT
tutorial_shell_rsat.pdf Users's guide for the stand-alone version of RSAT.
neat_tutorial.pdf Users's guide for the stand-alone version of NeAT